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Notre Histoire

Fondation Stamm was founded in August 1999 by Verena Stamm.

Verena Stamm has lived in Burundi since 1972, and knows the way of life, the traditions, the culture, the country and the Burundian people, which is the best way to work directly with the local population and help them effectively.

Thanks to her training as a nurse, as an accountant and her organizational skills, she has been able to take on much of the work, organization and coordination of the foundation herself.

In 2017, Verena Stamm received the Federal Cross of Merit ("Bundesverdienstkreuz" in German) for all the achievements she accomplished since the creation of Fondation Stamm up to nowadays. This award was given to her by the Federal Republic of Germany through its Bujumbura-based embassy.


The local NGO began by taking care of women and children who were still in the countless refugee camps during the civil war troubles. Since then, Fondation Stamm has expanded its activities. And today it has several projects in various provinces in Burundi. The NGO helps through its foster homes: street children, former child soldiers, AIDS and war orphans, victims of (sexual physical and/or psychological) violence, and people who are outcast by the society.​

Through its projects, Fondation Stamm allows its beneficiaries to set up income-generating activities. The NGO also offers training in vocational education. It has also opened preschools, a kindergarten, a primary school as well as technical schools.

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