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Stamm Foundation


Goal & Objective

Fondation Stamm supports social groups that have suffered most (and are still suffering) from the consequences of the civil war that raged for years in Burundi.

These target groups are children, young people and young women. Most of them are war orphans, some suffer from HIV/AIDS. Others are former child soldiers, children who have been living on the street, disabled children, or victims of rape and other forms of violence. In most cases, the support given to those children benefits also the whole family structures.

Through its projects, Fondation Stamm tries to give the younger generation a chance to lead an independent life through a peaceful future in Burundi. Fighting poverty and helping people to become self-sufficient are essential steps towards stabilized peace in this small EAC country.

This requires constant flexibility and a willingness to adapt our NGO to the external environment and its ever-changing requirements.

Fondation Stamm also strives to give these children and young people a face; a little attention in a world where economic issues are put into focus.


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