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Technical schools

In various provinces of the country, Fondation Stamm has opened technical schools which provide a diploma - level A2. Thanks to this diploma, the laureates can access to the professional world. The completion of the national exam ("examen d'Etat" or "Exétat" in French) will lead also to higher education studies for our technical school laureates. 


The Fondation Stamm technical schools are: 

  • The technical school EPCM (Ecole Polyvalente carolus Magnus) in Kajaga, Bujumbura province.

  • The technical school ETO (Ecole Technique Omnis) located in the city and province of Gitega.

  • The technical school ETEE focused on the environment (Ecole Technique de l'Education Environnementale)  in Ruhororo, Ngozi province.

  • The technical school ETAB focused on agriculture (Ecole Technique Agricole de Buhinyuza), Muyinga province.

  • The technical school ETPM for public works (Ecole Technique des Travaux Publics de Muramvya), in the city and province of Muramvya. 

The different sections from the Fondation Stamm technical schools are: Laboratory, Pharmacy, Registered Nurse, Scientific Section, Banking & Insurance, Veterinary Section, Water & Forestry Section, Section of Agri-Food Industry Technologies, Agricultural Section, Telecommunications Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Construction Manager.


EPCM Kajaga is the only school that also offers a primary and secondary education (cf. from the 1st grade of primary school to the 9th grade of secondary school). It should also be noted that ETEE Ruhororo, ETAB Buhinyuza, ETPM Muramvya are all boarding schools. 

école Muyinga.JPG

Schools for the little ones

Apart from the technical schools, the Stamm Foundation has set up preschool structures for the youngest.

The foundation has set up nurseries and kindergarten for children aged between 3 and 6 years old. 

  • "Duhinduke" community daycare center in Buterere, Bujumbura Mairie province.

  • Community daycare in Ruganirwa, province of Muyinga.

  • Community daycare in Mutambara, Rumonge province.

It should be noted that in addition to these 3 nurseries, the Stamm Foundation has also opened a nursery and primary school in the locality of Gatumba. Her name? The comprehensive school Carolus Magnus (EPCM) Gatumba. This school structure is attached to the EPCM Kajaga and are both located in the province of Bujumbura.

garderie Buterere.JPG
garderie Ruganirwa.JPG

Academic Support - SFFW

The Stamm Foundation supports young people through a program introduced in 2022. This new program has been set up in collaboration with the German partner BURNDI KIDS and the German foundation SFFW. 

Through this project, young graduates from the schools of the foundation will have the opportunity to study in a public or private university in Burundi. The program will thus support 10 young people each year, mostly girls. 

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