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    Every month
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  • 25€
    Every month

Know what you're giving for

Children with albinism, orphans, street children, children living with disabilities, and children victims of violence face violence, poverty, illness, and exclusion.

The Stamm Foundation brings them a glimmer of hope, a helping hand, a chance to overcome their struggles.

Your donation will make a difference by enabling the Stamm Foundation to fund its projects, educate these students, provide them with healthcare, nourishment, protection, and pay its employees.

Commit now and take action that will be worth millions for these children.

Your donations in action

For just €10, you provide the opportunity for a child to attend school for one year.

For just €15, you're helping to bring a baby into the world safely and under optimal conditions.

Give just 25 and you enable us to purchase 100 packets of nutritional paste aimed at saving children from malnutrition.

"The little you give is all the more that the Stamm Foundation needs to continue its mission."

Some results of your donations

17 485


Our clinic has provided essential healthcare to those who couldn't afford it, thus significantly reducing the mortality rate in the region

140 000 


Thanks to dedicated prenatal care and competent neonatology units, the infant mortality rate has been reduced by 50%.

14 576 

Youths and Adults

Have benefited from our HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, helping them to protect their health and that of their partners.



Victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse have received psychological, medical, and legal support, while creating a safe environment for them.

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