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Stamm Foundation


Health care

Hippocrates Hospital Kajaga (HHK)

Located in BUJUMBURA province, Hippocrates Hospital in Kajaga (HHK) offers quality services and welcomes anyone requiring:

  • consultation or treatment,

  • emergency care,

  • ultrasound,

  • gynecological care,

  • general medical care,

  • pediatric care,

  • laboratory analysis.


HHK was set up in 2010 thanks to the partnership between Fondation Stamm and its partners (burundikids Schweiz from Switzerland and BURUNDI KIDS e.V. from Germany).


Sobel - A relief camp for flood victims

2021, the Sobel relief camp in BUJUMBURA province has been housing victims of the floods that hit the commune of Mutimbuzi in particular. The relief camp is home to over 1,000 households.

People living on the Sobel relief camp in Maramvya commune are entitled to free healthcare. How is this possible? Thanks to the mobile medical team set up by the Fondation Stamm.

The medical staff provides free health care by carrying out medical treatment for the young and old persons, women and men of Sobel. Complex medical cases that cannot be treated directly on site are transferred from the Maramvya relief camp to the Hippocrates hospital in Kajaga.

Through its mobile medical team, Fondation Stamm has been working since 2021 to help people who have suffered and are still suffering from the consequences of the floods in Mutimbuzi and its surrounding areas.

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