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EPCM, let’s go to work!

The technical sections of our school EPCM (école polyvalente Carolus Magnus in French), located in Kajaga, give theoretical and practical courses.

Students from these sections also regularly practice on field as intern so that they can get see how their future professional life would look like. The students will be graduated as nurses, laboratory assistants or pharmacy assistants.

The internships, which last at least one month, take place in hospitals and health centers from the provinces of Bujumbura and Bujumbura Mairie.

"We are very lucky and happy as we can carry out our nursing internship at this health center in Gatumba, which only welcomes students from our EPCM school", said the EPCM students.

"Internships enable us to put into practice some of the theoretical knowledge we've learned in class. But they also allow us to work day and night. Like the professionals in the trade who work so", said other EPCM students.

It should also be pointed out that during these internships, the EPCM students are supervised by supervisors who work in these health structures, as well as by teachers from the school EPCM Kajaga.


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