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Verena Stamm visits her native country

In July, Verena Stamm, legal representative of Fondation Stamm, traveled to her native country: Germany. One of the reasons was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BURUNDI KIDS, a long-standing partner of Fondation Stamm.

"BURUNDI KIDS is 20 years old. 20 years of friendship, 20 years of partnership and 20 years of projects for Burundi. The NGO BURUNDI KIDS would not exist without Fondation Stamm. And the Burundian NGO would not exist without the German NGO", declared in her speech Martina Wziontek, legal representative of BURUNDI KIDS.

Martina Wziontek and Verena Stamm were both awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (cf. Bundesverdienstkreuz), in 2021 and 2017 respectively. This was for all they have accomplished and continue to achieve for Burundi through their respective NGOs (BURUNDI KIDS & Fondation Stamm).

During her stay in Germany, Verena Stamm was also able to meet Sam-Duk Patzelt. Through her foundation, Sam-Duk Patzelt is our new partner who supports 10 young people with university scholarships every year, since 2022.

Verena Stamm also met with members of Burundi-Hilfe and members from the Protestant parish of Kleve.

Burundi-Hilfe is a partner of Fondation Stamm, which supports one of our technical schools and 2 of our foster homes located in Muramvya (city and province) and Kanyosha (Bujumbura Mairie province). The Protestant parish of Kleve gives financial support for some of our activities set up in Ruganirwa (Muyinga province).


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