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Karima discovers Fondation Stamm

Karima is a young Burundian-Swiss woman who publishes content through social media. This passionate young woman wanted to inform those who follow her about what's happening around her. So she decided to spend her holidays in Burundi, visiting some of the projects set up by the Fondation Stamm in partnership with Burundi Kids. Karima visited the "Birashoboka" and "Nyubahiriza" foster homes located in Kajaga (Bujumbura province) and in Mutakura (Bujumbura Mairie province).

During her stay in Burundi, she was able to find time to play with the children who benefit from these homes. Her visits within some of Fondation Stamm projects enabled Karima to publish a few stories about those two foster homes. Birashoboka" and "Nyubahiriza" are both financially supported by Burundi Kids, the German partner of Fondation Stamm.

Thanks to her first visit of Fondation Stamm projects, Karima is thinking of coming back to Burundi during her next holidays. So she will be able to give more details about the Fondation Stamm's activities, such as its foster homes.

Both "Birashoboka" and "Nyubahiriza" offer complete care for their beneficiaries (accommodation, schooling, vocational training, etc.). At "Nyubahiriza" foster home, Karima was able to taste the "beignets" made by some of the beneficiaries during their vocational training course.


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